My home is a fantastic flat built on top of a 1600 century building and strategicaly placed in the historic part of town just accross from the Forum. From my terrace you can see the Basilica di Massenzio, a small part of the Colosseum and the white Altare della Patria. In short a glorious view. The medieval Torre dei Conti in Largo Corrado Ricci reminds our historical stratifications.

My flat is on the third floor and has an elevator as well, a rare luxury in old historic buildings! Also to keep out the pollution of a big city like Rome, I have fans everywhere that keep the air clean and therefore conducive to people with allergies.

Finally, my building is strategic in the sense that from my flat, you can walk to most of the attractions of Rome by foot and you have all the transports need to get around town; you can even rent a Vespa! A great asset in a city that can have enormous traffic jams.

 After the time of Mussolini the building  was restored in 1992 by a young (at that time still unknown) architect specializing in renovation of historic monuments. He designed it with a sense of the past and for this reason the house is full of different levels, with the stairs designed to make the climb easier in the style of the middle age towers and it is made mainly with natural materials (walnut and chestnut wood, marble, natural stone) respecting the colors of Rome and its churches: yellow and grey. 

It’s five years that I have been living in  Marrakech and this incredible experience has given me the capacity to master  colors, colors of morocco…

So this 2018 I  renovated using other colors such putting new mauve walls in the main room and thus creating new light to my flat through new color schemes….

Due to the length of my stay in Marrakech I would like to share my home full of design and art with people that love to be in a silent and cozy ambience equipped with a cinema (where you could branch your computer), wi-fi, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, boiler and all the commodities to have a pleasant stay.

It is my hope that you will enjoy your stay in my flat and that you will respect my NO SMOKING house.  If you smoke there are some ashtrays on the terrace. It’s a NO PETS home as due to its history it is a fragile home, yet a wonderful but  harbour for the weary traveller. I hope you enjoy your stay and have a wonderful Roman holiday in a real Roman artistic home .



GENA: is our assistant. She could clean for you for 10 €/hour (on demand) her mobile: +39 348 0320439. She uses what’s app too. Remind we don’t call our collaborators after 7 pm

MY ADDRESSES: ; mobile: +212 648815038

We think that have a nice stay pass even through small details. For this reason we gives you house all equipped even with some shampoo, soap, towels, sheets, nap and in the kitchen the basic aid like salt, sugar, coffee and tea.

wi fi is: TISCALINET – no password

WASHING MACHINE: just push the  power botton at the right side. Wait few minutes to open the machine (it has a safer lock)

NO A/C BUT FANS: My choice is due to the pollution of historical centre and fans are better and more romantic.

CINEMA: is in working progress. Tv in our  net time is useless

TERRACE: I love it. At sunset, a spritz aperol between my plants that have the names of my friends…is magical So, even if we put an automatic drill, please take care of them giving their “water aperitif” too. If it rains please cover beds with the blue raincoats putting carpets on the beds.

CARPET CLEANINGS: I made my leather carpets with the rest of a fashion catwalk. Please clean with just worm wet cloth. THEY ARE IN SELL. ASK COSTANZA FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.


SHAMROCK – Pub just in front

ILLY CAFFE VALLORANI – bar round the corner

ELITE – supermarket at via cavour direction main station

MARGHERITA – supermarket at via del Boschetto

FRESH FRUITS&SALAD –  via madonna dei monti (back Mini Market at via Cavour)

SQUARE Piazza Santa Maria ai Monti: its the district heart. Very famous full of night life. Newspaper kiosk is there. Full of bars and restaurants. One catholic church and one orthodox church. Synagogue is into the Ghetto (15 min walk). Mosque is 22 min by public transportation.

BUS: 117 is the small electric bus in Via Cavour that allow you to go to Spanish Steps in 8 minutes. (1,50 € on bus)

TAXI: if you go on the street you could catch taxi passing in via Cavour. Otherwise you could call radiotaxi: 06 3570 or download app: mytaxi CAR SHARING APP: car2go; enjoy, sharengo SCOOTER SHARING: download app: ecooltra


piazza Fontana di Trevi 15 min through via Fori Imperiali

piazza Campo de’ Fiori 15 min through via Fori Imperiali turn around Piazza Venezia towards Piazza Argentina (Jewish ghetto). This area is full of bar and restaurants and jewish restaurants with famous artichoke.

Trastevere district is at 40 min but easily with a taxi or car sharing.

All monuments are open except monday. Some public museums are closed on tuesday. Just check on internet.

During summer time there are many events during the night all around the historical center and not only in the center. Just check on internet:

KEYS: At check out leave the keys on the table.